[MWC 2012] HTC’s HTC Sense graphical user interface has certainly come a long way since its inception back in 2009, where it has seen action on Windows Mobile and Android platforms – with the latter leading the HTC Sense cause these days. The entire idea for HTC Sense was to have it function as a user interface by itself, in addition to being a user experience layer on top of the TouchFLO 3D in its early days. With HTC Sense 4.0, the Taiwanese company has decided to expand their partnership with Dropbox by integrating their services within, and HTC One owners are able to enjoy 5GB of storage for free – for the next couple of years. Just how much data can you stash away on 5GB? We are looking at approximately 10,000 High Definition photos – best to come up with a great naming convention system before you start uploading them there!

HTC Sense 4.0 also allows you to send over your photos as well as videos to a large screen TV via Media Link. It works with just about any HDTV, so you need not worry about being locked to a proprietary format. With WiFi synchronization enabled, it is a snap to transfer files wirelessly, too, after you have installed the Media Manager software on your computer and hooked up your HTC One smartphone at least once. Nice to see HTC place greater emphasis on audio, especially after they acquired Beats. Might as well leverage on what they already have.

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