We’ve come across several remote controlled vehicles before which can be controlled via an iOS app, if you’re getting bored of remote controlled cars/helicopters and want to shakes things up a bit, iHelicopters has recently announced the iPhone controlled stunt car racers, which as the name implies, will be able to do more than just driving around.

Much like other iOS controlled racing cars, steering of the car in this case will utilize the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer, and the transmitter which will be plugged into your iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack will allow communication with the remote controlled car with a range of up to 20m.

Based on its name, we guess that iHelicopters has designed the car to perform stunts, or so they claim thanks to its supposed “robust structure”, although in the video above we did not see any stunts performed. However if you’d like to get your hands on another iPhone controlled car, you will be able to pick one up from iHelicopters for $49.95.

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