Intel logoRemember the other day we reported that according to Digitimes’ sources, Intel would be delaying the release of their upcoming Ivy Bridge platform? Intel’s Ivy Bridge is expected to see a release in April, but the rumors claimed that it would only be seeing a release in June, a delay which undoubtedly might have upset some of you guys looking forward to building a brand new computer. However as it turns out, that rumor is only partially true.

According to VR-Zone, Intel will be delaying the Ivy Bridge processors, but only for the dual-core versions, which means that the quad-core Ivy Bridge processors you were looking forward to are apparently still set for an April release. The reason behind the delay is pretty much the same as what the rumors had claimed, which was that Intel had too much stock of Sandy Bridge processors that have yet to be shipped to partners, which means that if you were looking forward to seeing dual-core Ivy Bridge processors, May would be your earliest bet.

This applies to both standard voltage and ULV models, which means that assuming all of this information is accurate, ultrabooks will not be see be seeing a refresh until May or June as well. Either way we’ll be keeping an eye out for this, so check back with us again for more info.

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