Intels Ivy Bridge platform delayed to June [Rumor]If you were hoping to get your hands on an Intel Ivy Bridge platform computer, you might be in for a disappointment as according to a report from Digitimes, Intel could be delaying the launch of their new Ivy Bridge platform to June and have supposedly started informing their partners about the delay.

For those wondering, the Ivy Bridge processors were expected to start shipping some time in April, but apparently due to first-tier notebook vendors having trouble finishing their inventory of Sandy Bridge processors due to the weak global economy, Intel has reportedly decided to delay mass shipments of the Ivy Bridge processors as well.

However fret not as small shipments of Ivy Bridge processors will still be shipped, according to the report. It’s only the mass shipment of the processors that will be seeing the delay. We suggest taking this report with a grain of salt for now as Digitimes has had a pretty spotty track record so far, but we guess we will wait and see as only time will tell if Intel is truly delaying the shipping of Ivy Bridge processors.

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