It is said that Pinterest has garnered its fair share of users in a short time, and that there are more female than male users on the service. Well, here is another item that will skew more towards the fairer gender, where this particular electronic board will play an ad that was specially tailored to the gender of the viewer. Women are able to view the full 40-second message which has been commissioned by the children’s charity Plan UK, in an effort known as “Because I Am a Girl” that intends to offer at least a decent education to girls who live in the world’s poorest countries.

As for men who view at these boards, they are directed to the organization’s website instead – presumably to check out just what the organization does, and perhaps to tug at their hearts in order to make a donation in order to make the world a better place. Just how does this smart ad targeting system work? Well, it will rely on a camera to measure various facial features including the distance between the eyes, width of nose, length of jawline as well as cheekbone shape. No idea if holding out a photo of a female will “trick” the display or not, but we do know that the idea of this ad for men is to let them feel how it is like to have “basic choices” taken away.

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