iPad legal battle in China arrives on US shoresWhere there’s a will, there’s a way – or so the saying goes, and perhaps Proview of China intends to bring the battle to Apple’s doorstep since they failed at home. I am no lawyer, but I am quite certain that whatever they are going to attempt in Apple’s backyard is just not going to succeed, and you can slap me silly and call me Susan if they do. What Proview is attempting to do would be this – to sue Apple for using deception when it purchased the “iPad” trademark. Most folks would think that Proview is an opportunistic company, as the company is right now not in the best of financial health, and has already filed several lawsuits in different Chinese jurisdictions to halt the sales of iPads in the world’s most populous country.

Just last week, Proview Electronics Co Ltd and Proview Technology Co filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County, which signals the start of the trans-continental legal dispute right here in the heart of Silicon Valley. Proview claims Apple created a “special purpose” entity – IP Application Development Ltd, or IPAD – so that they can pick up the iPad name from it, which cleverly conceals the real deal here, who is Apple. What do you think the outcome would be?

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