The iPhone 4S might be one of the most sought after devices at the moment in the world’s most populous country, China, but that does not mean it is all peaches and cream over there. Apple recently confirmed that their iPhone 4S there has run into a particularly major glitch – that is, it is suffering from issues concerning the use of a China Mobile SIM card inside. We are talking about an incompatibility problem here, where says that China Mobile subscribers could not activate their shiny new iPhone 4S, while others did not receive a single bar of signal at all, while other folks cannot receive incoming calls and text messages despite the signal bar strength being full.

Apple’s customer service staff are up to speed with the situation, and claim that Cupertino is already hard at work to fix this issue with a software update. No idea on whether this future update will be confined to just the Chinese market, or it will be delivered alongside the next iOS firmware update that is open to all and sundry. Just what could have sparked this problem, considering how Apple had plenty of time to test the iPhone 4S before it hit the China market?

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