Kim Dotcom granted bail, gets no Internet accessKim Dotcom, the file-sharing magnate from New Zealand, was finally granted bail earlier this evening (Wednesday morning New Zealand time) after the judge who heard his application decided that Kim Dotcom realistically is unable to access his vast funds to help him flee the country. There are conditions attached to the Megaupload founder’s bail, of course, where one of them includes not having access to an Internet connection, while he must remain within this leased Auckland mansion. This means he is stuck within a 50 mile radius of his Coatesville residence, and no helicopters are allowed in the picture as well.

Justice Dawson claims that Dotcom has “every reason to stay to be with his family and fight to keep his assets.” Apart from owning Finnish and German passports, it must be noted that Finland and Germany do have treaties with the US, enabling the prosecution process to begin should Dotcom make the run for it to either country. This is just the beginning of what could potentially be a long, drawn up trial, but I think that Dotcom currently has more than enough wealth to see him through the rest of his life comfortably even if he does not earn a single penny from today onwards.

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