Jogging late at night or in the wee hours of the morning before dawn might be something a few of you enjoy, as you are all alone in the cool weather without having to share the road with irate drivers as well as avoiding cyclists who are pedaling in a fury, but the downside would be a lower visibility level that might increase the risk of an accident. Wearing a reflective jacket might help, but here is another idea which could just take off in a big way – LED shoelaces. These LED shoelaces are formally known as the Hikaru LED Kutsuhimo (EEA-YW0565), where they are capable of lighting up in a total of 3 different patterns, resembling thin glow bracelets in the process. It would be neat to see these LED shoelaces powered by a kinetic system, but it is a pity that you will still need to hook it up to a small battery and control unit to the tongue of the shoe. The LED shoelaces aren’t too pricey though, retailing for around $7 after conversion, measuring 820mm in length.

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