We normally thing that UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are normally the domain of the military, but Lehmann Aviation (no relation to the failed financial institution, even the name itself has an additional letter) intends to bring UAV flying goodness to families who want to do something different other than flying kites at the park. Enter the LFPV civil UAV, where it retails for $2,352 after conversion (1,790€) while packing in an 11-megapixel camera that is also able to record video in Full HD resolution? Not only that, the LFPV will also come with a live data connection that informs you of its whereabouts thanks to the built-in GPS, in addition to sending you important flight data like altitude and amount of battery life remaining. When you fly, it will also send over an 800 x 480 live video stream so that you can check out your surroundings from above with greater clarity than ever before. Need to go to the loo? No problems, just set an autopilot course and go relief yourself.

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