Come on now – you know that from the first time you saw a lightsaber duel on DVD or on the silver screen, you too, secretly wished you were born with enough midi-chlorians to enrol in the Jedi Academy. Well, the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls did raise hopes somewhat, but with Microsoft’s involvement in the Kinect project, those familiar with street parlance would say, “shit just got real”, meaning, a real life lightsaber duel complete with physical actions is now possible. Check out the world exclusive lightsaber duel trailer that lets you become the controller yourself, as you pick up your plastic lightsaber of choice to relive those tense moments as a Jedi in Kinect Star Wars.

Of course, it is going to be interesting to see how a Kinect-enabled environment would re-enact a Force Push or Force Pull, considering you cannot “force” someone to run towards or flee from you, but perhaps we will just need to be happy with lightsaber duels at the moment.

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