Luminarie Cagna cathedral lighted up by 55,000 colored LEDsThere are some of us who go to places of worship and are enlightened, so to speak, by the message we heard, or songs that we sung. Well, if you want to be enlightened in a different manner, then make sure you head down to the Luminarie Cagna cathedral that was paraded at Belgium’s Festival of Lights. With more than 55,000 colored LEDs lighting up the structure, the Luminarie Cagna, being a massive cathedral that it is, was tipped to open its doors to welcome over 200,000 visitors. This brightly lighted up cathedral is the handiwork of Luminarie De Cagna, an Italian family business. Local festive occasions are moments when Luminarie De Cagna are “summoned” to light up buildings using oil and carbide lamps, although the switch to electric lights was made due to the high fire risk of the former. I wonder what the electricity cost is like to keep the light show going for a month or so, assuming it were to be a permanent attraction.

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