I am a firm believer that no matter what kind of technologically advanced devices and features you throw into a vehicle, a careless driver will still prove to be the weakest link, although a well built car with all the safety features working perfectly would do their part in minimizing injury or even avert death in the event of an accident. How about a mechanical driving instructor? This is what the Masternaut is all about, where this electronic device attaches itself to the dashboard while alerting you with audio and visual cues whenever your driving becomes erroneous or dangerous in its books. In fact, with careful and considerate driving habits, your pocket would be happier as well – since you are able to cut fuel bills by up to a fifth each month.

Masternaut features a custom-fitted “black box” that boasts GPS for location, a gyroscopic and inertial system that is capable of detecting turns and acceleration, while a data feed from the the microprocessor will take note of your engine revs and use. Hopefully the Masternaut will prove itself in test markets, and eventually help tame the more, er, wild drivers in the urban safari.

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