When you were younger, you might recall being happy and excited at the prospect of going to McDonalds. After all, most kids would be delighted to have a meal consisting of a burger, fries, soda/juice and a free toy to boot. However it looks like McDonalds in Japan may be taking it to a whole new level by introducing free and exclusive Nintendo 3DS content that comes with your meal.

Yup, you read that right – for a limited time, McDonalds in Japan will offering up their customers free game content in the form of a DLC. The DLC will be exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS game, Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 and will consist of four exclusive downloadable items, with each item being offered over the course of four weeks.

On top of that the fast food chain will also be distributing a free 3DS game of its own – McDonald’s Slime Ship Battle DX, whereby the completion of the mini-game will reward the player with a one-day reusable coupon that the player can exchange for drinks and burgers. Kind of makes you want to relocate to Japan, doesn’t it?

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