MegaRetrieval wants to help you get your files backWhen Megaupload was taken down earlier this week, not only were pirates affected – but people who used the service to store legitimate files as well. For those of you not in the know – Megaupload lets you store both legal and illegal files for sharing and/or safekeeping purposes. A lot of people use it as a cloud storage system for their personal files, so when it was taken offline – a lot of people couldn’t get their non-infringing files back.

Now, the folks over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have teamed up with one of Megaupload’s hosting companies, Capathia Hosting, and launched a website aimed to help out folks who want to retrieve their legitimate files. All users have to do is visit the Megaretrieval website and get in touch with the EFF.

While the EFF clearly states that it can’t help everybody (it is a small donor-supported non-profit legal services organization that doesn’t charge for its services), it’s still worth a shot to send a message their way. After all, trying is better than doing nothing. Carpathia has also announced that it has no immediate plans to reprovision some or all of its Megaupload servers – so your data on it should be safe for now.

[Press Release (PDF)]

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