Microsoft ends Nokia Lumia 900 pre-orders

Nokia Lumia 900About a week ago, we reported that the Nokia Lumia 900 was available for pre-order from Microsoft’s brick and mortar retail outlets, and if you were quick enough you would have secured yourself the device the moment it is released. However if you have put off going to the Microsoft store to place your pre-order, thinking that you’ll do it over the weekend, well you’re out of luck as it seems that Microsoft has recently stopped taking pre-orders for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900.

Unfortunately Microsoft has deigned to give us the reason behind this move, and all they had to say was that “Customers who are interested in purchasing a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900 should stay tuned to the Microsoft Store Facebook Page for store offers in the coming months.” 

The device is expected to see a launch on AT&T’s network but unfortunately no specific launch date was given. So if you’ve missed the opportunity to place your pre-order via Microsoft’s retail outlet, not to worry as we’re sure AT&T will give you the opportunity to pre-order it from them when the device is ready to be released!

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