If you might recall, we reported a while back that the white MacBooks were being reported as reaching end of life status. The devices while no longer available for regular consumers like you and I, were still being made available for the education market, at least until recently. So with Apple removing the white MacBook from the education sector, which models will students turn to? If you’re a student and you’re a fan of ultrabooks, you’re in luck as the new MacBook model for the education sector is none other than the 13” MacBook Air.

Unfortunately despite it being the 13” version of the MacBook Air, the education version of the notebook will not feature the same specs as the regular MacBook Air. We guess this is expected especially since the 13” MacBook Air is being offered up at a somewhat affordable $999. While its display is 13”, the rest of it specs seem to correspond with the 11” entry-level version of the MacBook Air.

What this means is that under the hood, students can expect to find an Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 1.6GHz, 2GB of RAM (with 256MB being dedicated to the Intel integrated graphics), and a 64GB SSD. However all things considered, this is still an upgrade compared to the white MacBook which didn’t even feature a SSD. So any students out there looking to pick up the new education version of the MacBook Air?

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