Motorola Mobility sold 100 refurbished Xoom tablets with customer data insideHere is a little black eye for Motorola Mobility, as the company has just admitted to a recent boo-boo – that they have sold 100 refurbished Xoom tablets on, all of them still bearing previous customers’ data within. Motorola intends to retrieve those devices back from all buyers, and to sweeten the deal, has decided to extend two years of free Experian ProtextMyID service to anyone who returned a Xoom tablet anytime between March and October 2011, as a move to prevent the potential abuse of information which could have been harvested from the refurbished tablets. According to Motorola Mobility’s statement, “Motorola sincerely regrets and apologizes for any inconvenience this situation has caused the affected customers. Motorola is committed to rigorous data protection practices in order to protect its customers, and will continue to take the necessary steps to achieve this objective.”

Hopefully the previous owners of the refurbished Xoom tablets did not have too much important information such as passwords, sensitive photos and tell-all stories stored in there, otherwise there will another 100 more people lining up at the pharmacy to purchase sleeping pills or anything that can help prevent a case of the nerves.

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