We all know that sports outfit Nike has just about any and every form of merchandise that you can think of under the sun to do with sports – be it shirts, shoes, and the like. Well, it seems that Nike is working on the Nike Sole which was specially designed to work in tandem with Össur’s Flex-Run prosthetic running blade, where it sees action under the domain of competitive amputee athletes. Developed alongside world-record holding amputee triathlete Sarah Reinertsen and Össur, the sole boasts of a stacked design, and comes with a stretch rubber leash over a rubber waffle outsole. Nike has a heart for the environment, where they used ‘regrind‘ materials that were salvaged from reused shoes, a polyurethane foam midsole which has been topped by a thermal plastic that was created from recycled air bags. Plastic tabs do the job of locking the sole in place well enough, and something tells me with even greater advancement in this area, the Nike Sole might eventually see a disabled athlete outrun their able-bodied counterparts – and perhaps break a world record or two in the process.

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