There are just some lines that you do not cross, and one of them would be Sony and Nintendo’s gaming paths. The two behemoths are still slugging it out in the dedicated portable console market with the PS Vita as well as the Nintendo 3DS, but some people are wondering the wisdom of dedicated units like those when you have more casual titles that are no less fun, and these are available on a multi-tasking device like today’s modern smartphones. I myself prefer to have a dedicated gaming console to get my portable entertainment needs attended to, while a smartphone would play the primary role of a communications device, and entertainment gizmo second. Here is a video of someone with obviously too much time on his hands, where the Nintendo 3DS is being enjoyed by what some would declare as blasphemy – a PlayStation Controller. Oh, the travesty! I would suppose that after a while, it would not really matter any more. After all, haven’t you heard that Sonic had already joined the Olympics with Mario back in the DS Lite’s heyday?

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