Nook Simple Touch gets Wi Fi fix in new update Those who thought that they will finally make the jump to the world of electronic books by picking up the Nook Simple Touch last year might be pleased with the initial experience, although after updating it with the system software version 1.10, they started running into issues with the Wi-Fi connection inside. Barnes & Noble who released this e-reader, has just confirmed that they are aware of this niggling issue, and their team are working “diligently” to solve this particular issue. Better late than never, don’t you think so? After all, it has been quite some time already, but at least there is acknowledgement of what went wrong and where, so the least that Barnes & Noble could do was to make sure the Nook Simple Touch works, trimmings and all. Anything else should not be seen as a bonus by the customer, but rather, an entitlement. How many of you with the Nook Simple Touch have given up on it already and moved on to other e-book readers?

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