Do you sometimes wonder what has become of the current generation who seem far more glued to their mobile devices than they are interested in paying attention to people around them? I guess tweeting around the dining table is not a habit we would like to see our kids develop, and neither is it appropriate to tweet when you are in the cinema, as the distracting glare from your smartphone’s display can spoil the experience for others. Another place we would not have thought see updates tweeted would be in the operating room, in the middle of an open heart surgery. However, Dr. Paresh Patel has good reason for doing so while he attends to his 57-year-old patient’s double-coronary artery bypass. He wants to create awareness for Heart Month, which is an initiative that intends to prevent heart attacks and strokes in the US.

Dr. Michael Macris, medical director of cardiovascular surgery at Memorial Hermann Northwest in Houston, was the one who performed the surgery, and Patel has the important task of tweeting updates in the surgery, while shooting photos as well as answer live questions. Bear in mind that the tweets do carry graphic medical photos, so if you do not have the intestinal fortitude, it might be prudent to give it a pass.

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