You know what they say, “there’s an app for everything”. Well, almost, I am quite sure no app in this world is able to solve the stupidity as well as violence that we see occur among humankind, but to see your Mac computer transform into a home alarm system? That is definitely something new. Known as the Orbicule Witness, this unique device will rely on the Mac’s iSight camera as a motion sensor, where this accessory will snap a photo whenever it detects any form of motion in its line of sight. This photo will then be sent to your iPhone or iPad for action, assuming there is a potential threat in the picture.

Even better is the automated manner in which Orbicule Witness works. The program relies on your iOS’ location in order to activate the alarm automatically whenever you leave the house, turning it off when you head back home. There is also a face detection sensor so that those who own pets will need not receive unnecessary alerts, as the program learns to sift through the wheat and separate the chaff. Far cheaper compared to traditional home monitor systems, Orbicule Witness will not require special cameras or cables to be installed, and a single user license costs just $39.

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