Remember the Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Charger Speaker? Well if you got a kick out of that, you might be interested in checking out Ozaki’s O!Music Zoo “Rabbit” Mobile Holder and Amplifier, which as the name implies, is a mobile holder for your iPhone that can double up as an amplifier as well.


The device has been shaped to look like a rabbit, albeit a rather abstract looking one, but the general shape and imagery is still there. It’s rather cute and for those who aren’t a fan of wires clogging up the floor or table space, the device will amplify the sound coming from your iPhone in a more natural way through the way it has been designed.

While we’ve yet to actually try it out for ourselves, it seems that it has the ability to boost sound levels by up to 15dB, and will stand in both portrait and landscape views. It will be available in both pink and grey, and if you’re thinking of picking up one for yourself, the Ozaki’s O!Music Zoo “Rabbit” Mobile Holder and Amplifier will be available via Connect Design for $38.

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