Wish you could remain connected at all times, even when you are in a traffic jam? Well, Proton of Malaysia will be offering a new value-added standard feature in new Proton models in due time thanks to the national car maker’s collaboration with Yes. The soon-to-be launched sedan known as the P3-21A will be able to hook up into the Yes 4G mobile internet network that is said to cover more than 65% of the country’s populated areas. Ah, populated areas – that is the clause here which you have to be aware of, as what constitutes a populated area and a non-populated area is another matter altogether. So far, Yes prides itself in being the only wireless network operator in Malaysia who offers seamless 4G connectivity along the entire 960km stretch of the North-South Expressway and a large portion of the East-Coast Expressway. Bear in mind that Malaysia still has plenty of unpopulated areas, especially in the Borneo jungles, so get this only if you are going to live out the urban lifestyle and rarely head off to the woods. [Press Release]

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