So you are extremely excited about picking up the PS Vita, as the launch is set to happen in a few days’ time, and with another 26 titles already announced for a release this coming February 22nd, you know for sure that you will not be too bored with the PS Vita right from the get go – assuming you pick up the right kind of game, of course. Not only that, there will be hundreds of classic PSP titles and mini games which will be made available for some thumb-searing action on your PS Vita, thanks to the handheld console’s ability to connect to the PlayStation Store.

Once you have downloaded a compatible PSP title, you will be able to download it straight to your PS Vita without having to fork out any more money, although there are certain clauses that are applied. Assuming you have one of these titles on your PS3 XMB, just hook up your PS Vita to the PS3 thanks to the included USB cable, and perform a game transfer with the PS Vita’s on-board Content Manager. Easy peasy, no?

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