Placing a name to a face is not something that everyone gets right all the time, especially when the passage of time has taken its toll, and when we meet a stranger on the street (to us, anyways) who greets us and asks how we are, the nervous standard issue reply comes out, and you part ways, wondering just what the fellow’s name is? I guess to save yourself from such a social faux pas the next time around, you might want to have the remembAR facial recognition app on your smartphone handy. Let the “stranger” know you would like to take a photo of him/her, and under that pretense, load the remembAR facial recognition app for it to flag down any of your contacts on your Facebook account and bring up the name. Since not everyone makes sure that all the friends on Facebook are really friends and not fly-by-night acquaintances, I can see where this app is heading.

So far, the app claims an accuracy level of 95% which is pretty darn good, and even if you make a mistake in calling out the wrong name 5% of the time, you can always excuse yourself by saying, “Im sorry, you really looked like <insert name furnished by Facebook> at first glance. How do I address you again?”

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