Samsung Infuse 4G

Remember the Gingerbread update for the Samsung Infuse 4G that was promised last week? It looks like things haven’t gone according to plan. Judging by a notice on the download page, it looks like the update went live and then was taken offline. Apparently “there is an issue with the Infuse 4G update that affects a small number of users.” – we’re not sure if this means only a small number of users downloaded the update and were infected, or a large number of users downloaded it but only a handful experienced problems with the update. Regardless, Samsung and AT&T are aware of the problem and are working on a fix now.

This isn’t the first time an Android update has gone wrong, but I really do think carriers and phone manufacturers should do a lot more testing to prevent such mishaps in the future. How many of you managed to download the update last week, and have you been experiencing any issues? Do drop us a comment below.

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