While we know that the iPad seems to be the tablet of choice when it comes to using it for education (universities and schools use it), it looks like it won’t be for the schools in Charlottesville. According to reports online, CCS (Charlottesville City Schools) will be deploying Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablets to students from grade six to twelve as a learning tool. Their reason for choosing it over the iPad? Its durability and security.


Apparently the integrity of the iPad’s glass was an issue, and since the Fujitsu tablet can withstand shocks from drops and can also operate in demanding environments, they make suitable candidates for going into the backpacks of kids. More durable tablets mean less maintenance costs, which can help schools save money. Also, because the tablet runs on Windows, enterprise tools make it easier for IT managers to remotely manage the tablets.

Back when I was a kid, I would’ve been over the moon if I was given a computer to do my work on, let alone a tablet. But then again, times are different, and I can already picture kids complaining about being given a Windows tablet instead of the iPad. What do you think about tablets in high schools? Necessary? Or should they only be used when they are older i.e. in college/university?

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