Being at sea is a very different feeling from being on solid ground, and then if you are one who takes to the skies, that is another feeling altogether. For those who always have their sea legs around them, the self-leveling pool table that you can view in the video after the jump is touted to be the first of its kind on a cruise ship known as “Radiance of the Seas”, and is part of the Royal Caribbean felt. Being the first self-leveling pool table at sea can only mean one thing – no matter how choppy things are outside (within reasonable limits, of course), you can continue with your pool game without getting interrupted. Just what kind of sorcery is used to keep it leveled at all times?

It seems that a gyroscope does its level best (no pun intended) for it to remain stable at all times, and in the video, despite the amount of swaying that the table experiences, the balls remain in place. This brings me back to think of some of the other improvements introduced to life at sea – including the Swing bottle that rocks from side to side in rough seas, so that it does not tipple over and crash on the floor. Of course, the self-leveling pool table would be no match for the ill-fated Costa Concordia, though.

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