Singapore schools get gamedThe city state known as Singapore is a first world country, and their efficiency is top notch, drawing investors from near and far in droves, thanks to transparency in the government and good management of the country’s resources. Well, developing their human capital has long been on the agenda of the Singaporean government who always strives to be the best, so how about changing the way the education system there works? Trial Shuttle is a Singapore-based effort from gaming company Rockmoon, where they are working with a local Ministry of Education program known as FutureSchools@Singapore, relying on technology so that students can direct their own learning programs.

Trail Shuttle is said to empower “users to achieve the desired learning outcomes by enabling them to customize one-of-a-kind, indoor and/or outdoor learning trails.” Basically, self-directed learning is promoted through the implementation of individualized, experiential paths. A trio of components are crucial in achieving that goal, where a Web-based toolkit is used for creating learning programs, while a mobile app allows students to explore and experience those programs and a monitoring app which is capable of allowing teachers to track their students’ progress.

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