Small spheres to treat cancerCancer is a modern day scourge that has become so common, that the shock of it is no longer that huge compared to many years ago, despite the fact that it is no less deadly. While medical advances has been made in terms of treating cancer, there is no 100% cure, as a relapse cannot be predicted. Still, there is a war to be fought, and MIT scientists might have an ace up their sleeves in the form of tiny, sponge-like spheres which are touted to be more efficient in their job of delivering RNA interference-based treatments to cancer patients. These tiny spheres can also be used to treat other diseases instead of just cancer.

MIT Engineering Professor Paula Hammond (pic on the right) said, “It’s been a real struggle to try to design a delivery system that allows us to administer siRNA, especially if you want to target it to a specific part of the body.” Tihs new deliver method will see RNA packed into microspheres dense enough to withstand degradation until they arrive at their respective destinations, and perhaps it might be the next weapon in mankind’s war against cancer.

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