There are some of us who are sensitive enough when dealing with our fellow men, so much so that we can sniff out a cock and bull story from a mile away, or know that a person says one thing but means the exact opposite despite oozing with “honesty” that impresses everyone else in the same room. If only you had some sort of empirical evidence to support your gut feeling! Now you do, with the idea of a pair of “social glasses” that is pioneered by 2AI Labs. Your eyes will be given the honor of noticing skin color changes that are caused by a mixture of more or less blood in addition to blood oxygen levels of the person you are looking at. A pair of filtered glasses such as these will let surgeons see a patient’s network of “glowing” veins better – while airport security personnel can spot the slight paling of a suspicious individual’s face – an aided sixth sense, you might say.

When pursued further, this idea might even help you and I check out common social signals, and you should be able to tell at long last whether Aunt Gertrude who showers you with compliments each time she meets you actually means what she says, as she could very well be muttering curses to rain on you right there an then in her heart.

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