Most tablet accessories seem to be aimed at the iPad, but thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Fire’s affordable price tag, coupled with the popularity of Android, it looks as though Kindle Fire accessories are starting to emerge, and adding to that list of accessories would be the  SOOT Acoustic Kickstand.

To be honest while our tablets allow us to do a variety of tasks, such as listening to music, watching movies, surfing the web, etc, generally its built-in speakers leave much to be desired, which is where the SOOT Acoustic Kickstand comes in. Designed for the Amazon Kindle Fire in the mind, the SOOT Acoustic Kickstand, as its name implies, will utilize natural acoustics to project the sound from the tablet back to the user at louder levels.

As the picture above suggests, the SOOT Acoustic Kickstand attaches to the end of the Kindle Fire where its speakers are located. A chamber created at the back of the kickstand is then used to reflect the sound back to the user at louder levels, while at the same time propping up the tablet for video/movie watching. Unfortunately at the moment it appears that the SOOT Acoustic Kickstand remains a concept and is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, or so its website claims because oddly enough there is no link to its Kickstarter page.

Either way for more information and concept renderings of the SOOT Acoustic Kickstand, pop on over to its website.

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