We have seen how Mitsubishi’s elevators were able to hit the 60kph mark just earlier this month, but no matter how fast an elevator goes, there still is a limit to the height, right? The tallest buildings in the world might even induce vertigo in folk who have no such qualms earlier on in their lives due to the massive distance between land and where one is standing, but none of the buildings today are able to soar to heights that go beyond the stratosphere, and touch space, so to speak. Major Japanese construction company Obayashi Corporation might have something to say about the situation though, as they intend to construct the world’s first space elevator by the time 2050 rolls around.

According to our source, this space elevator will comprise a cabin that is specially developed to hold 30 passengers who will then be hoisted upwards toward the heavens along a cable made from carbon nanotubes, a material that boasts 20 times the strength of steel. It will take around a week’s time in the cabin to travel the estimated number of kilometers required to arrive at the terminal station – hopefully no one suffers from vertigo inside! The entire elevator should run the course of 10,000 kilometers thereabouts, considering that is where the exoshpere is,  and fret not about disappearing into space as it will remain secured to a departure platform that is firmly located on the ground. Hopefully the selection of elevator music is decent enough to last throughout the journey, otherwise you might just go nuts!

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