If you’re looking for a unique watch that will tell the time in a novel and interesting manner, Tokyo Flash is back with yet another submission, this time courtesy of Ignacio from Spain, who revealed his concept watch which is analog in nature, but will feature a spiral face (as pictured above).

As usual with most Tokyo Flash submissions, attempting to tell the time upon first glance will be a near impossible task for some of us. However according to its designer, the longer you spend looking at it, the easier it will get for you, with the broader strokes marking the hours, while the double fine strokes will indicate the minutes. Hint: follow the spiral inside-out, and think anti-clockwise!

Overall the spiral watch has a pretty elegant design and appears on the surface to be a normal looking watch, albeit with a rather unique face. If you’d like to see this watch made, or give its designer your feedback, pop on over to Tokyo Flash’s website for more details.

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