SpotifyGood news for Spotify users – a new update is arriving on the desktop version of the app to enhance your music-listening experience. Spotify announced today that the update will bring support for gapless playback and crossfade. In case you didn’t already know, gapless playback and crossfade are pretty much staple features of most music players out there. Gapless playback allows for songs to  start right after the previous one ends. A nice feature to have especially when artists decide to let songs blend into one another on their album.

Crossfade on the other hand, lets you pseudo-transition from one song to another, even though they’re both completely unrelated. The previous song will slowly fade out while the next track fades in just before the previous song ends. Great for leaving on when you’ve got your whole playlist loaded for a party. Other features of the update include: faster artist browsing, new save and restore feature for ‘Now Playing’, improved subscribe, buddy list and favorites option, drag & drop fixed on Windows, ‘Hide purchase buttons’ option for Premium users, and ‘Offline Mode’ via Spotify menu.

The new Spotify update will start rolling out today for Windows and Mac computers. Let us know what you think of the new features.

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