Spray-On AntennaIf you think that cell towers are an eyesore and wish there was a way we could replace them, a solution is on its way. Speaking on Google’s Solve for X, Anthony Sutera, the CEO of Charmtech Enterprises presented the company’s spray-on antenna technology that could put an end to ugly cell towers. While he didn’t explain the technology behind it, the spray-on antenna basically works like how you would think it should: a spray-on antenna.


In the examples talked about, the spray-on antenna was used to turn a tree into an antenna that could transmit VHF to an airplane 14 miles in the air, improve the stock antenna of an iPhone, and even transmit signals over a mile when underwater. The spray-on antenna is also said to consume less energy than traditional antennas. Also, since it is spray-on, you can pretty much coat anything with it, eliminating the need for cell towers (i.e. spray it onto trees, buildings, signboards etc).

No mention of when we can expect it to be used, but any technology that promotes power saving, and reduces the amount of unsightly towers we have in the world is good in my book. Check out the Solve for X video below:

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