Blood test can determine your lifespanHere is an interesting question for the masses – do you prefer to know the exact moment when you will die, or do you prefer to live in the dark, and make everyday the best that it can be? Well, those who fall under the former category and want something more concrete than what the resident fortune teller shares after reading your palm, there is a test in India that measures Telomeres – protective caps which are located at the end of chromosome that are deemed to be the best indicators of biological age compared to chronological age.

According to scientists, the length of Telomeres is the key component in determining one’s biological age. So far, there has been a fair number of research and evidence in studies that point towards a strong correlation between the percentage of short Telomeres and the risk of developing diseases that are normally the byproducts of ageing, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s. Not only that, lifestyle habits too, impact Telomeres length, so you might want to watch what you eat these days. The next time you go out and meet someone, just ask them, how is your Telomeres reading?

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