Have you played Tetris Battle on Facebook yet? It is definitely one of the more popular games, and is addictive enough to have me “see” tetriminos even when my eyes are closed. Good thing I have weaned myself off this game, otherwise I would not be able to clock in for work. For those who are fanatic about all things Tetris, how about lighting up your home with the Tetris Desk Lamp? Yes sir, this colorful lamp will definitely be a conversation starter, so you need not fork out thousands for that Persian or Turkish carpet in order to regale others about tales of your bargaining skills. Bear in mind that the Tetris Desk Lamp is no knock-off, but rather, is an officially licensed product that comprises of different tetriminos – leaving you to create the potential scenario for a perfect clear. They will retail for around $50 a pop when they hit the market later this September. Hopefully the long tetrimino will not be as rare as it is in the game…

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