They say that a tired dog is a good dog – and I can attest to that saying, as I walk my two pooches for an hour a day, and they do not exhibit any behavior problems after that, being well adjusted and all. Of course, since I do not own a CCTV when I am away from the home, I am not quite sure what they are up to, but they certainly do not dig holes in the garden or chew on shoes. For those who feel that Fido might be a wee bit too bored at home when there is no one around, perhaps subscribing to DOGTV might be a good idea, although it has yet to be proven that a dog watching TV is more occupied compared to one that say, has a Kong toy that is full of goodies within.

DOGTV is a new 24-hour channel for dogs, and claims that their choice of programming will result in “a confident, happy dog who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.” No idea on how true that is, but if you happen to live in San Diego, then you can check it out on Cox and Time Warner digital cable systems this week. Add this to another item on your monthly expenses, what next, CATTV?

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