UltimaOne of the main problems with getting a car holder for your smartphone is when the time comes for you to change to a new device – it doesn’t work with it, which usually means it’s time to buy a new one. Well, some folks have decided to come up with a solution to the problem: Ultima. Having no relation to the classic RPG game by Lord British, Ultima is touted as the world’s first universal smartphone holder.

Two years in the making, Ultima is a stylish, and flexible smartphone holder that is designed to accommodate as many different smartphones on the market as possible (though it has been designed with the iPhone in mind), and is simple and easy to use. It features an intuitive holding mechanism, and is made from high grade aluminum.

At the moment, Ultima is still a Kickstarter project and requires its first run to be pre-ordered before it can get to the manufacturing stage. Pick one up for $65 in black or silver or pay more for a green Kickstarter edition from the Ultima’s Kickstarter page.

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