White colored devices have always fascinated consumers and until today we’re still not sure why. Perhaps its the striking color that makes it stand out amidst the sea of black and gray, but either way it all boils down to personal preference. However if you prefer your gadgets to be white in color, you’ll be pleased that come February 13th, the white version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be available. 


Unfortunately at the moment it looks like that release date is limited to the UK, and no word when Samsung will be rolling out the white version of the Galaxy Nexus to the rest of the world. Now for those unfamiliar, many have speculated that a white version of the Galaxy Nexus would be released, and thanks to Simon Stanford, a Samsung UK spokesperson, it is now official.

“After much speculation, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Galaxy Nexus White which follows the great reception the phone has received since it was launched back in November.”

Needless to say that apart from its fresh coat of paint, its internals will remain similar to its black/gray sibling, which means that we can expect a 4.65” Super AMOLED HD display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor under the hood with 1GB of RAM, a 5MP rear-facing camera and will come in either 16GB or 32GB storage sizes. If you have yet to get your hands on the device, and you’re wondering if this is the phone for you, check out our comprehensive review here.

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316 PPI
~$429 - Amazon
5 MP
F Aperture F-Stop
135 g
1750 mAh
Launched in
TI OMAP 4460 + None
Storage (GB)
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