If you happen to own certain smartphones from HTC that run on the Android operating system, then you might want to take note that some of them are open to a WiFi vulnerability. This security hole was recently discovered, and such a flaw might open up the door for certain software with basic WiFi permissions to pick up the user’s SSID, not to mention gain access to one’s credentials as well. When you put two and two together, Internet access over WiFi would mean the collected information is then transported over to a remote server without requiring any permission from the user in the first place. Good thing HTC is already aware of the situation and are working on a software fix. Said solution will be sent to affected devices down the road, with some of the affected smartphones having receive it already. While a bunch of the still vulnerable smartphones should receive the patch Over-The-Air, others will require the slightly more inconvenient route of a manual update.

As for the HTC devices that have reported the WiFi vulnerability, they are the Desire HD (both “ace” and “spade” board revisions) – Versions FRG83D, GRI40, Glacier – Version FRG83, Droid Incredible – Version FRF91, Thunderbolt – Version FRG83D, Sensation Z710e – Version GRI40, Sensation 4G – Version GRI40, Desire S – Version GRI40, EVO 3D – Version GRI40, and EVO 4G – Version GRI40. The myTouch 3G and Nexus One remain unaffected though.

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