We do know that Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system will be made available for testing purposes today, and there is a Microsoft event that is coming right up in a short while, but the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 saw some wallpaper designs that will send any Windows 8 fan’s heart beating into a frenzy. Take what you see above for example – it is a Metro style version of the extremely popular Windows 7 betta fish (or a Siamese fighting fish, if you prefer a more generic title). Apart from that, additional highlights comprise floral shots as well as faraway islands that make you wish you made it big in the corporate world so that you no longer need to slave it out at the office. Half a dozen wallpapers have been leaked so far, but I guess it is not going to matter too much once the operating system hits the decks. Do you like the new visual styling? What you see above looks like some sort of origami portrait come alive.

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