Xbox 720 to deliver special 3D gaming experience?The translation from 2D gaming to the world of 3D proved to be a major jump, and as the polygon count increased, so too, did our jaws drop nearer and nearer to the ground. Well, we do know that the Xbox 360 has been around for a fair number of years, but that does not mean it is already at the end of its predicted 10-year lifecycle as there is still plenty of mileage left in Microsoft’s flagship console. However, that has not stopped rumors from floating around that a next generation Xbox that will be six times more powerful than the current model, will offer a unique experience when it comes to 3D gaming.

To further cement this rumor, a new job ad from Microsoft points towards the possibility that they are looking into 3D features of the product in a serious manner. If you think that being an Algorithm Research & Development Engineer for the Xbox team who is based in Haifa, Israel, is your cup of tea, then why not give it a go? Your major responsibility would be to design and implement algorithms into state of the art 3D imaging systems. Do you think the Xbox 720 will also come with a touchscreen controller?

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