There is nothing quite like a cheap device to set tongues wagging – especially when it boasts of decent specifications to begin with. This is the case with Chongqing Guohong Technology Development with their Shuidi smartphone that is said to retail for $100 a pop, where it is powered by a 800MHz processor with Android 2.3.5 as the operating system of choice. It is definitely no iPhone from Apple, but what else can you ask at that price point? We are not even talking about a subsidized price point here, but the final sticker price. The introduction of the Shuidi smartphone might end up lowering prices of the Android platform across the board, but that situation remains to be seen. It would be interesting to see just how such a price point for mid-range Android smartphones will be able to influence the way such handsets are sold in the US. No idea on whether the Shuidi will make its way outside of the Great Wall of China, but will other hardware manufacturers follow suit after that? [Press Release]

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