MacBook AirThere have been rumors of a 15” MacBook Air floating about for some time now, but according to an anonymous vendor who spoke to Electric Pig, we could be seeing the launch of the device come this April. The vendor, who remains anonymous, is apparently a premium Mac accessory maker, which Electric Pig thinks makes them slightly more credible as they would e required to stay abreast of the situation in order to keep their products up to date and relevant. However given the fiasco last year with iPhone case makers coming up with a variety of casings based on rumors alone, we wouldn’t place too much faith in this rumor just yet.

At the moment, the MacBook Air comes in an 11” and 13” model, and with the rise of Apple’s iCloud service which could do away with the need for an optical drive, and the popularity of the MacBook Air, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple actually did come out with a 15” model, although whether its specs would be that of the Air or the Pro remain to be seen. In any case, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt for now, and with April only being a couple of weeks away, we guess we will wait and see if those rumors pan out!

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