3D EyeAsteroids see action at CeBITSince Avatar was released in 2009, kick starting the 3D revolution in cinemas all over again, the receipts and sales figures for 3D movies are not exactly stellar. Plenty of movie studios jumped aboard the 3D bandwagon only to realize that their half-baked attempts failed to bring in the returns that they clamored for, especially during these economically trying moments where the ordinary man on the street finds it difficult to carve out a living and lives on a month-to-month basis. 3D gaming, too, is not exactly the baddest boy on the block, and what you will see paraded at CeBIT will most probably not usher in a revolution in gaming, but at least it is interesting to look at. We are looking at the 3D version of the gaze-controlled arcade game Tobii EyeAsteroids.

Using SeeFront’s patented glasses-free 3D and accurate gaze tracking from Tobii’s award-winning technology, EyeAsteroids will let you play hero and save the earth from incoming asteroids, using nothing but your eyes in an immersive 3D experience. No idea on whether this will catch on in living rooms around the world, so we will just have to wait and see.

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