Just because you are confined to a wheelchair does not mean your life is any less fulfilling. Sure, it might be a wee bit more challenging than the average person on the street due to accessibility issues in less developed countries, but that does not mean your love for adventure should be diminished – not when you have the Action Trackchair to get around in. This all-terrain wheelchair is perfect for the disabled to head off on an off-road trail, and perhaps even shoot a deer or two – as you can see in the image above. It has an internal battery pack that offers up to 8 miles of traveling, and moves around with a top speed of 5 mph. Made by Action Manufacturing in Marshall, Minnesota, it was specially designed to handle off-road situations, being at home under such conditions.

Mud, rocky mountain passes and even water (not too deep, though) are no match for the Action Trackchair, where it will sport gun racks and mounts for you to go hunting. The thing is, you have to dig deep for the Hummer of wheelchairs, forking out $9,000 a pop. The Action Trackchair is available in the US, Canada, Norway and Australia. There are plans to bring it to the UK as well.

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